As you and your partner get older you will want to ensure your Wills are drafted and all the necessary steps have been taken to legalize them. After living a life you will have property and assets, which will need to go somewhere after you pass away. If you do not have a legal will in which to execute the actions to disperse your property and assets, they can risk getting handed over to the government. That is the last thing you will want if you have children who have been good and taken care of you in your old age. Drafting and finalizing a will is not only essential to your family but will also allow you to rest easier knowing everything has been properly taken care of.

There are several requirements for a will to be finalized and legal. Wills cannot be verbal as that will not stand in a court of law. They have to be in writing. These days they can be written on a computer and then printed out. The person whose will it is must have signed and dated it. If it is not signed and dated by the person whose will it is, it can risk being flawed and therefore illegitimate. And finally, there must be two adult witnesses who have also signed it. These witnesses can be your kids, your siblings, or any other adult who is close to you. Completing all these tasks properly with a lawyer by your side will allow for a smoother transference upon your passing.

The Benson Law Team

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