Separation Planning

There is no easy way to prepare for Separation Planning when you and your wife, husband, or partner split up. Family law is a sensitive topic and each situation has its own nuances associated with it. If there are children involved, the situation could be even more complicated. In the best scenario possible, you and your former partner are in good standing, civil with each other, and willing to listen and come to agreements. However, that is not often the case, and you will need to hire a lawyer to make sure both parties are satisfied and no one has been taken advantage of.

Due to the proximity and sensitivity of your separation, hiring a lawyer to advise you on your situation and the steps in which to execute it can help relieve a lot of the tension and unpleasantness associated with the situation, while also getting the best results. Hiring a lawyer at Benson Law LLP can help give you some perspective on the situation. We will ensure you are taken care of and not taken advantage of by your previous partner and their legal team. 

We will draft out a separation plan that everyone is happy with and advise you on how to proceed moving it into action. Our team will be with you every step of the way until all agreements have been settled. If there is a need to go to court, we will not refrain from representing you in front of the judge. Whatever is necessary, our team will handle it with due diligence.

The Benson Law Team

If you are experiencing a separation or somebody you know is experiencing one, you will want to make sure you are in good legal hands. Our team here at Benson Law LLP will help you along every step of the way, ensuring you are seeing the results you desire and you and your family are making the best of the unfortunate situation. You can contact us today to speak with a legal representative. We do not use answering machines or automated messages so if you call during office hours you will always speak to one of the members of our team. Give us a call today to find out more.