Corporate Services

Here at Benson Law LLP, we offer a full range of Corporate Services which cater to an array of client’s needs. Everything from provincial matters to business registration can be completed by our team of Corporate Services lawyers.

Our Corporate Services are not limited to only local matters. At Benson Law LLP, we extend our Corporate Services to extra-provincial issues as well. If you are a Canadian or foreign corporation seeking to do business in Canada, or in various territories and provinces across Canada, our lawyers can help you achieve that. Or, if you are planning on expanding your business outside your province or territory, our talented team of lawyers can assist you in federal incorporation.

It is a requirement in British Columbia to report your company’s activities the previous year. Corporations in need of annual filings can trust us to complete a thorough and accurate account of the year prior. We also assist in minute book maintenance, ensuring all your articles of incorporation, minutes of meetings, and notices and registrations are properly filed. Our services are also extended into corporate governance. You can trust our team of Corporate Services lawyers to make sure the practices and system of rules used in corporate governance are up to date and accurate when you file.

If you are looking into starting your own business in Kelowna, the Okanagan, or anywhere else in British Columbia, Benson Law can aid you in registering your business. Our experienced lawyers will make sure the registration is flawless and exact, optimizing your time to focus your energy wherever else you might need it in your burgeoning business. Our offices also act as a registered records office, where you can rest assured your documents are filed away securely and safely, which will remain there for the required seven years.

The Benson Law Team

Clients looking to fulfill any Corporate Services needs can give us a call at the office or contact us for a full assessment and breakdown of their corporation’s needs. We understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency and always take caution to ensure our clients’ records are completed meticulously.