Power of Attorney

Getting older means a lot of things and one of those things is giving the Power of Attorney to someone close to you should you begin to start losing your mind or submitting to your illness or disease. The Power of Attorney gives the power of one competent adult to another competent adult concerning things like taking action financially or legally. Many people will grant close friends or family members Power of Attorney just in case something happens to them. Whether that is a fatal or life altering motor vehicle accident or a major health issue, granting someone close to you the Power of Attorney is always a good idea.

Since the Power of Attorney is a voluntary action, not everyone will require one. That being said, it is never a bad idea just in case. If you are a new family with young children, for instance, you will want to grant someone the Power of Attorney should anything bad happen to you. That way your children will be safe and cared for by someone you love and trust in case of an accident. Being granted the Power of Attorney is also a voluntary move. You do not have to accept if someone approaches you with the idea. That being said, it should be considered an honour that person trusts you enough to take care of their finances, property, assets, and family in the unfortunate case of something bad happening.

The Benson Law Team

If you or somebody you know is seeking the Power of Attorney and need a lawyer to help draft it up, you will want to hire a lawyer at Benson Law LLP to help arrange the proper documents. You can contact us and a member of our legal team will be happy to assist you in answering any questions or concerns you may have. We do not use answering machines or automated messages so you will always speak to a team member when you call our office during regular office hours. From first contact to the final handshake, we will strive to provide you with prompt, efficient, and cost effective service the whole way.