Commercial Advisory Services

Every business requires Commercial Advisory Services that match the unique needs of that business. Benson Law LLP’s team will supply you with your business’ individual needs. Our business law practice group has the expertise to guide you through a full range of commercial transactions, including everything from mergers and acquisitions to corporate restructures.

Clients looking to join together to form a business need to look no further. Our lawyers at Benson Law LLP will help you develop agreements revolving around the operation of a business, partnership agreement, shareholders agreement, joint ventures or the formation of societies. Clients looking to settle any disputes or partake in corporate restructuring, amalgamations or mergers and acquisitions can benefit from knowledge and experience by speaking with our team members.

At Benson Law LLP, commercial businesses can trust any review services, including but not limited to contract reviews, to be completed with precision and care. We offer agreement drafting to clients looking to document concrete conditions for leasing and renting. Our firm also acts as an agent service for companies looking to focus their time on other aspects of their business. Additionally, Benson Law LLP also offers escrow agreements to parties seeking to lay out the conditions and responsibilities for all parties of a particular company.

Companies looking to sell or buy can confidently seek the aid of Benson Law LLP. We have the necessary skills to develop agreements for any asset purchase or sale for businesses of forfeiture. Companies looking for legal assistance on share purchases will find unique services by our team of top lawyers. Their experience will help you move forward in the best way possible for you and your business.

Property development is a technical process. Our experienced lawyers can help you navigate the route you need to reach your full potential. For companies experiencing Strata property issues, our team can minimize the conflict by finding the best course of action for any needs you may encounter.

The Benson Law Team

Our clients have found success with our Commercial Advisory Services in companies of all types. To speak with a member of our team, you can contact us or give our Okanagan office a call. We will review the status of your business and identify your legal and business requirements.