Civil Litigation

When involved in a legal dispute seeking monetary damages or performance of certain obligations, our Civil Litigation lawyers will help you understand the options available to you to reach a resolution quickly and efficiently.

The team at Benson Law LLP can help you successfully navigate our legal system no matter which side you find yourself on. When engaging in any type of Civil Litigation, you will want a lawyer who not only has gone to trial many times, but one that is not afraid to do so if required.

(Please note, if you have been injured, you may also wish to visit our personal injury page as it may be more applicable.)

Civil Litigation is the most common form of law that is applied when you hear about people or businesses attempting to “sue” someone. Civil Litigation is when one (or both) parties feel they are “owed” something by the other party, and they use our legal system to get it.

It is important to note that when you engage in Civil Litigation, it does not mean that any specific law was necessarily broken. If you feel you have been wronged by an individual, company, builder, or insurance provider, this may be the type of law you are looking to apply.

At Benson Law LLP, we are not afraid to go to trial when the situation warrants it, and our track record shows this. Going to trial is not always the most cost-effective route, so we only use it as a last resort where the potential outcome is greater than any settlement you may be offered. Our trial record indicates to other lawyers we will not advise settlement if the offer is not appropriate. Our litigation lawyers represent a broad spectrum of clients including individuals, businesses, insurance companies, and other professionals. Together, we have spent plenty of time in BC Provincial Court, BC Supreme Court, and the BC Court of Appeal.
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The Benson Law Team

Our team of lawyers and legal assistants can help anyone seeking Civil Litigation damages from other parties. To speak with a member of our team, you can contact us for a full review and professional advice of your situation.