Governance under First Nations law is a little different than Governance under Crown law. Due to the unpleasant history of First Nations peoples in this country and the government imposing The Indian Act over a hundred years ago, First Nations peoples face many different kinds of laws. Understanding how this imposes on their people and their culture will require a lot of expertise and a lot of lived experiences.

First Nations bands elect chiefs and councils to make decisions on their behalf. They can pass by-laws in a number of areas. On their path to self-governance, they may keep certain principles in mind. These can include their people and their shared vision, the land and the authority over it, expansion of laws and jurisdictions, transparency and fairness in governing systems, and the resources available to them. Reaching a better understanding of how these tools and systems work will require a trusted and professional First Nations lawyer to advise on all matters of legality and protect First Nations interest. At Benson Law LLP, we have First Nations lawyers ready to protect your interests and advise you on all matters related to the Indian Act and First Nations Governance. Any problems that occur we can face and come to an agreement on. If not, we are not afraid to go to court to protect your First Nations rights.

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