Buying and Selling Properties

In real estate, Buying and Selling Properties is a common practice that happens every single day. Many people are involved in the process beyond just the buyers and the real estate agent. The seller as well as the buyer will both require a legal team to ensure all documents are in order and properly signed before any transaction or transfer of property can take place.

Oftentimes buying a home will be one of the biggest investments of your life, especially in the modern age when home prices are exponentially higher than they were thirty or forty years ago. Having a lawyer by your side will ensure you understand how to protect your investment and your money. Right from the start, hiring a lawyer here at Benson Law LLP will allow you to confidently buy or a sell a home. We will sit by your side to review the contract. Our collective years of experience mean we understand the legal jargon and can explain it in laymen terms so there is no confusing vocabulary. We will make sure you understand all the conditions of the contract and what each condition entails. We highly recommend you hire a lawyer to help you review any contracts when buying a home, especially if it is your first time. Missing an important condition can mean a lot of conflict in the future.

We will also sit by you while we examine the title to the property. Sometimes you may find a surprise on the title, which may then negatively impact your transaction. We will always discuss all aspects of the title and what they mean with you. Next, we will assist in preparing all financial documents.

The Benson Law Team

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property or your home, it is time to call a lawyer here at Benson Law LLP to assist in all steps of the process. You can contact us any time during our office hours and speak with a member of our legal team. We do not use answering machines or automated messages so you will always speak with a team member during office hours. Give us a call today.