Here at Benson Law LLP, we offer a full range of Corporate Services which cater to an array of client’s needs. Everything from provincial matters to business registration can be completed by our team of Corporate Services lawyers.

Every business requires Commercial Advisory Services that match the unique needs of that business. Benson Law LLP’s team will supply you with your business’ individual needs.

Commercial Litigation is a broad term that describes virtually every type of dispute. These can arise in a variety of forms within a business context, including breach of contract cases, class actions, partnership, and joint venture disputes, shareholder issues, and several more.

Sometimes Insolvency and Bankruptcy Litigation is something you will need and you do not see coming. That is the nature of these things. Nobody opens a business or takes on tasks expecting to go bankrupt in the end. Unfortunately, it is a reality, and it is a pretty common one.

As with most First Nations law, Buying And Selling Properties will present unique challenges. In order to develop on First Nations property, there will be many legalities you will need to consider.

Governance under First Nations law is a little different than governance under Crown law. Due to the unpleasant history of First Nations peoples in this country and the government imposing The Indian Act over a hundred years ago, First Nations peoples face many different kinds of laws.

There is no easy way to prepare for Separation Planning when you and your wife, husband, or partner split up. Family law is a sensitive topic and each situation has its own nuances associated with it.

When things do not go right in a marriage and it is time to separate, you will need a Divorce services lawyer to handle the legalities of the separation for you.

If you get into an accident in your car you might be eligible to make ICBC Motor Vehicle Injury Claims. Every day across the province of British Columbia, there are approximately 175 motor vehicle accidents. Some of these are minor and some of these are major accidents.

It does not matter how old you are, Slip and Fall Accidents can cause serious bodily harm. Whether that is a short-term injury or a long-term injury does not matter. If you are injured, it is time to hire a lawyer here at Benson Law LLP to ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Property is a wise investment to make but Property Development will require a thorough understanding of many laws both local and provincial.

In real estate, Buying And Selling Properties is a common practice that happens every single day. Many people are involved in the process beyond just the buyers and the real estate agent.

As you and your partner get older you will want to ensure your Wills are drafted and all the necessary steps have been taken to legalize them. After living a life you will have property and assets, which will need to go somewhere after you pass away. If you do not have a legal will in which to execute the actions to disperse your property and assets, they can risk getting handed over to the government.

Getting older means a lot of things and one of those things is giving the Power Of Attorney to someone close to you should you begin to start losing your mind or submitting to your illness or disease. The Power Of Attorney gives the power of one competent adult to another competent adult concerning things like taking action financially or legally.