Matthew Blow

Family, Civil Litigation, Personal injury

Matthew is a litigation lawyer practising in Kelowna, British Columbia. That means he helps clients resolve their disputes through the court system, whether that involves driving negotiation, or Courtroom advocacy.

Matthew's practice focuses on civil litigation—particular separation and child custody litigation, commercial contracts, and construction claims. This means Matthew helps clients with:

  • Enforcing compliance with commercial agreements like leases, purchase and sale contracts, contracts of supply
  • Helping creditors get judgments, and payment on debts
  • Prosecuting foreclosure proceedings to sell real estate in satisfaction of mortgage debts
  • Assisting spouses with property division, support or child-custody/parenting disputes
  • Assisting contractors of getting paid, including filing, enforcing, and resolving builders lien's claims
  • Helping buyers of new or used real estate with construction deficiencies, misrepresentation, or hidden defects

Matthew regularly appears in Court in Kelowna, as well as in Penticton and Vernon.

Contact Details

  • Address: 270 Highway 33 West
    Kelowna, BC V1X 1X7
  • Phone: (250) 491-0206
  • Fax: (250) 491-0266